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 2019  Gardener of the Year Award


The Gardener of the Year Award was created in 2019 in order to honour the garden club member who contributed in a wide variety of ways to help the club function and who gave the most of their time and energy to club activities.

Since this was the first year for the award, the club decided to choose the winner based on previous years' contributions.  Club members cast their ballots for the winner at our November meeting, and the trophy was presented at our December social.

Congratulations to Lorraine Pigeon

2019 Gardener of the Year

I have been involved with the Creston Valley Garden Club since 2006 taking a few years sabbatical. 

Some of my volunteering with the group include running meetings, organizing workshops, guest speakers, field trips, finding gardens for the Garden Tours and gardens for the members to visit. I organized a garden conference featuring Donna Balzer, horticulturist and guest speaker. I was the contact person for new members, too. I volunteered along with members of the garden group cleaning and beautifying the gardens at Swan Valley. I also brought flowers or wine to garden members who were going through a rough time.

It pleased me if I could also help in some small way to better the group.

It is a pleasure to be with people that share the love of gardening and many have become good friends  sharing the excitement of plants, flowers and problem solving  in our flower beds and gardens.

Thank You to the garden group members who have given me this honour of Gardener of the Year which I share with all of you who are also Gardeners of the Year.

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